bukakke4justice (bukakke4justice) wrote in horror_punk_va,

set list

10:00pm thru 10:30pm
Boney fiend- Green Ghoul
The Adicts- who spilt my beer
Alien Sex fiend- Comatose
Dr. Chud- spider baby
Balzac- to kill your master
horror pops- ghouls
frankenstein- Jesus with a big V-8 (request)
The other- Beware of Ghouls
Misfits- Dig up her bones
Fuck you Jerks- nerd glasses

Sweet- Ballroom blitz
Calabrese- Children of the night
Brickbats- histerical (request)
Zombina and the skeletones- no body like you when your dead
Blanks 77- suburbia (request)
Madsin- Psycho babylon
crisis- pc 1984 (request)
Necromantix- dead girls don't cry
Me first and the gimmie gimmies- Phantom of the opera
The Dark- Hawaii five0
Jake the evil redneck- psycho killer
Ghoultown- wicked man
Cult of the Psychic fetus- coffin begger (request)
45 Grave- Riboflavin
E.D.R.C.M.I. - Murder story

12:00am - 1:00am
Red Elvises- Cosmonaut Petrov (request)
Screaming Lord Sutch- Dracula's Daughter
The Metors- Little red Riding hood
Belfegore- All that I wanted
The Damned- anything
Tragic Black- faith in decay
Malice in leatherland- Grovel
The Cramps- I was a teenage werewolf
Danzig- Trouble
dead new Year- Demon at the wheel (request)
Mister Monster- til the end
Joykiller- hate
Fuck you jerks- Nerd glasses (Mistake, even I have them every now and then)

1:40am - 2:10am
Ramones- I wanna be sedated
Deep Eynde- hoo doo (request)
The Brides- Hi
Specimen- kiss kiss bang bang
No Gods No Monsters- Wicked Moth
Kenny logens- High way to the Danger zone (request) (spelled Wrong)
TSOL- Return of the living dead
G.R.P. (Gothic Rap Project)- Fang bang
Tenacious D- Fuck her Gently

Had A great time, Thank you to everyone for coming out. Those of you that missed it Hope to see you next week. I would Like to send out a special thank you to Dj Necro from for coming to out to support me.
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